1.My Dilemma
2.Follow Your Heart
6.Heart With You
7.The Dance of Love
8.Lily Was Here
9.The New Bohemia
10. Love Jungle
11.Steal Your Moments



My Dilemma

Well I've got a dream thats running around in my head

one of those things that sure isn't easy to get

my choice is easy I can starve just to follow my dream

or I can live well and carry on with the same routine

isn't that the way now

doing it hard 'cause we're not doing it hard so now we're doing it harder still

my dilemma

well I love the music but only the work in the factory pays

I can't keep living my life for one of these days

there's just not the time while Im working just to do my thing

but I need the money to be able to buy my strings

isn't that the way now

Follow Your Heart

Amazing ,the human endeavour

beauty, the soul inside

magic, how it all comes together

perception is in your mind

do you follow, do you follow,follow your heart

one thing leads to another

cant be too particular

one thing leads to another

if thats the way that you want it to go

do you follow, do you follow,follow your heart

little things turn into big things and big things can be so small


Well Ive got a new idea about a womans day

it's about whats in style Doly Madison would say

it's oh so vogue the new womans weekly way

and so cosmopolitan to cut and tuck and say thats life

first she's got to soap off the tv weeks residue

while she brushes up on all her celebrity news

she wades through the torment yet is taunted by the silicone world

famous tricks sell your pics get people talking about you

well there's El and there's Bell and theres Maree Clair too

and their girlfriend Clio cannot work out who's who

it's such a bizarre family circle but is your home beautiful

well I know, I read it in the magazines

meanwhile, up in the penthouse playlboy Ralph says oui

women spread and men get ahead and everything is cheap

and Gee Cue's there in ladies underwear 'cause he read somewhere

it was the latest thing to do

well there's biking and there's trucking and there's sports illustrated too

where you can learn how to wear a bikini or get a tattoo

you better muscle up shooter before a rolling stone gets you

well I know, I read it in the magazines

well I know, nothing is as it seems, in the magazines


Sometimes, love's not enough to get you through and

Sometimes, love will only make you feel blue and

Sometimes, love is like a dirty word but

Sometimes, it's the sweetest song you've ever heard

I can't live without love, live without your love,I can't live without love

oh honey wont you bring it on back to me

Sometimes, it's easy to lose sight of it and

Sometimes, you only focus on the negative and

Sometimes, you can let it all slip away but

baby I don't want to see it go that way

Heart with You

You make me feel, you make me feel good

you make me do the things I never thought I could

you make me laugh you make me cry

baby to you I can tell no lie

my heart is always with you

even if my mind......is somewhere else

you build me up you make me feel hot

you tell me I'm the best even if I'm not

you take me high you take me low

sometimes I really feel like I've got no control

so sometimes I get a little down well

baby dont you thing that I'll be running round

cause now I'm here Im here to stay

baby I can't see it any other way

Dance of LOve